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Other Sleep-Related Disorders
Nightmares & Night Terrors
Nightmares are frightening dream experiences which can later be recalled. These may occur at any age. Night terrors are often accompanied by an anguished scream, yet the victim seldom recalls the experience. Night terrors generally disappear after adolescence. The causes of nightmares and night terrors are unknown.Bedwetting,

Sleepwalking & Sleeptalking
These disorders are common in childhood. Bedwetting is particularly common and, in most cases, the cause is unknown. Sleepwalking is also common in childhood and can be dangerous. Sleepwalkers should be protected by reducing the risk of falling and removing other dangers from the bedroom. Sleeptalking is also common. Sleeptalking is unually incomprehensible and rarely of psychological significance. It is important to determine whether the troublesome behavior is benign or a sign of sleep-related epileptic seizures.
  Work-Shift Change Syndrome
People who keep irregular hours, such as shift workers, truck drivers and college students, may experience impaired concentration and performance along with physical symptoms due to abnormalities in their sleep-wake cycles.
  Delayed Sleep Phase
A syndrome in which sleep onset and arousal times are later than desired. People with this disorder are usually unable to conform to a conventional sleep-wake cycle.


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