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Treatment Process

Treatment at Premier Sleep Medicine Center begins with the patient receiving an initial evaluation from one of our physicians in a clinical setting. After evaluation, the patient may be scheduled for a specific diagnostic study. Following testing, the patient is seen by a sleep specialist to review results and discuss treatment initiation. Follow-up care is provided in a clinical setting to ensure compliance of treatment. The patient is then returned to their referring personal physician for continuing care.

During sleep testing, the activities that go on in your body during sleep (brain waves, muscle movements, eye movements, breathing through your mouth and nose, snoring, heart rate and leg movements) are monitored by small discs (called electrodes) applied to your head and skin with adhesive. Flexible belts around your chest and abdomen measure your breathing. The level of oxygen in your blood is monitored by a clip on your index finger or earlobe. Your sleep may also be videotaped for later review of any abnormalities observed during the study. None of these devices are painful and all are designed to be as comfortable as possible. In the sleep center your surroundings (especially the bedroom) are homey and comfortable.


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